College NERD

When it comes down to it, I'm just one big nerd. N-E-R-D at college.

I really am too tired to ever blog, if I'm ever not doing something else on the computer like talking to people on AIM (nerd) or checking my email for the third time (nerd, altho that is kind of required to do now to check on updates for classes, so maybe I'm not a nerd? Doubtful).

So one of my roommates is home for the weekend, as are a lot of other people apparently. She will come back with a TV Cable hopefully though so we can get some gaming goin on...drr. Oh forget it. Yeah. She brought a bunch of PS2 and PS3 games.

So there. And she has Kingdom Hearts, which, from what I hear, is a superb game. Easy, and fun. I'm in. Let it be known that once the TV cable enters this room, and the tv is officially functioning, I will no longer have a life. Play video games, with a little bit of eating, sleeping, class, oh, and homework.

To sum it all up: I'm stoked.

This week has gone by incredibly slow, but Friday is here. Or has just passed, I should say. I do love my schedule for the fact that I only have 2 classes on friday. Which is glorious. I played tennis for the 3rd time since I arrived here at the U. Quite the feat, after playing....oh.....maybe twice, over the summer. Yeah. Met some more hanfordites, thats always a good time.